Restorative Practice vs Justice

When we hear the term “Restorative Justice” we often think of a formal conference to address harm done that is serious enough to involve the justice system. Whilst this is where restorative justice originated and developed, educational institutions have been using it effectively for a number of years to resolve conflicts between both small andContinue reading “Restorative Practice vs Justice”

Information is power! Empower your pastoral team

How do you ensure that pastoral staff, at all levels, are able to be proactive when supporting children with their attendance, punctuality and behaviour? It is essential that existing systems are used to ensure that Form Tutors, Heads of Year and Senior Leaders have the relevant data for attendance, punctuality and behaviour so that theyContinue reading “Information is power! Empower your pastoral team”

Listen to what they have to say

Do you believe that every child is inherently good? I do and there are many reasons for a child to display negative behaviours, some of which are explored below. Firstly, behaviour is learnt. Whilst we as educators are teaching children and helping them to develop academically, we should also be helping them develop their ownContinue reading “Listen to what they have to say”